The ideal popcorn and peanuts container that doubles as a souvenir!
Bert Blyleven
Featured Vendor New Product Showcase Baseball Winter Meetings 2007

The item is nostalgic, but the concept is new.
The product is The Original MegaFan™.

The MegaFan takes an ordinary, non-revenue driving concession container and combines it with a classic sports icon to transform it into the ideal container for popcorn, peanuts or chips.

The end result is an item which has various desirable spaces available for sponsors. It also gives the fan a “free” souvenir to take home from the game with your team colors and logo.

The Original MegaFan™...

• Is custom designed for any sports team or event.

• Can include season schedule along with space for period scoring and final score.

• Has corporate advertising space available on both sides and end-cap.

• End-cap is premium ad space.
spacere.g. It can work as a redeemable coupon, game piece or medallion

• Can be filled with popcorn, peanuts, chips, cookies or fries.

• Is a 100% green concession container.

• Made entirely in the USA


Improve your home field advantage. 
Let The Original MegaFan™ work for you!

*U.S. Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved.